Welcome to Kirin King, a dynamic culinary and social hub where Asian culinary traditions meet vibrant entertainment. Our restaurant is divided into three distinct sections, each offering a unique experience.

To your left as you enter, you’ll find our cozy dining section, equipped with comfortable chairs and tables, ready to accommodate you and your guests. This space is designated for you to sit back, relax, and prepare your palate for the culinary adventure to come.

At the heart of Kirin King, directly in front of you as you walk in, is our lively social hub. This central section boasts a spacious bar and dance floor, providing an ideal space for socializing, enjoying a selection of beers and wines, and soaking up the energetic atmosphere. We host regular live music performances, and our private party room is available for special events or meetings.

On your right, as you enter, immerse yourself in a unique dining experience with our all-you-can-eat Rotary Sushi setup. This feature, inspired by Japanese tradition, showcases beautifully crafted sushi plates traveling on a conveyor belt for your selection, allowing you to explore an array of flavors and creations.

At Kirin King, we are more than just a restaurant; we are a family with a passion for food and customer satisfaction. We strive to offer our guests a unique dining experience underpinned by our commitment to quality and service. Meet the team that brings the Kirin King experience to life.